What are the benefits of using the water fed pole system?


By using the pure water reach and wash system we are able to clean not only the glass of your windows but also the frames and sills. We can also reach the windows that are not accessible by ladders and we will cause no damage to your property by climbing on roof tiles. With the frames being cleaned at the same time, no dirt will run onto the glass when there is a downpour of rain, giving a better and longer lasting result than conventional methods. 



How does it work?


Unlike rain or tap water which contain mineral deposits, pollution, calcium and chemicals, the water we use is stripped of every element and is pure in every sense. This is achieved by using a technique called ‘reverse osmosis’ which is a filtration process. The end result is 100% laboratory graded pure water. This method ensures that when the water dries it leaves no sticky residue on the glass or frames and therefore does not streak or attract fresh debris or dirt.


Are any chemicals used? 

No. All filters contain natural elements such as salt, resin beads and carbon sediment. These are all environmentally safe and will cause no damage to your property, garden or pets.

Will the pure water leave any spots on the windows?

Due to the purity of its nature the water we use will not leave a haze or any spots on your windows. When a pole system is introduced for the first time to a property that has previously been cleaned by conventional methods, such as soap and water, the highly concentrated soap residue (usually fairy liquid) leaves a film on the glass surface and builds up deposits in the actual frame itself. Once we flush this out and clean the window, it can leave for the first 2-3 cleans a slight haze and the occasional spotting. This is only for the initial cleans and will improve with each clean until a superior clean is provided.

What is the cost? 

Each property is unique and so will be individually priced, however as a guide houses start from £10. Properties with a conservatory will carry a small additional charge.


How often will we clean your windows?

Our primary concern is our customers expectations and therefore we will maintain a 4 weekly clean all year round.


Will we clean your windows in the rain?

Yes, unless the rain is so heavy that we are unable to work. As we are cleaning your property using specialist pure water, the rain will not affect the quality of your clean. However, if you are not happy with the standard of the clean our 24 hour guarantee applies.


Do we offer a guarantee?

We are so confident in our service, that if you are not completely satisfied with our work, we'll return and clean your windows FREE OF CHARGE or give you your MONEY BACK, provided you call us within 24 hours of your clean.